Your files are encrypted.
You did not pay in time for decryption, that`s why the decryption price increases 2 times. At the moment, the cost of
decrypting your files is 1000 USD. In case of failure to 13/03/16 your key will be deleted permanently and it will
be impossible to decrypt your files.

First connect IP:
We present a special software - CryptoWall Decrypter - which allows to decrypt and return control to all your encrypted files.
How to buy CryptoWall decrypter?
1. You can make a payment with BitCoins, there are many methods to get them.

2. You should register BitCoin wallet (simplest online wallet OR some other methods of creating wallet)

3. Purchasing Bitcoins - Although it`s not yet easy to buy bitcoins, it`s getting simpler every day.

Here are our recommendations:

  • - Good service for Europe.
  • - Get BTC with Visa/MC or SEPA(EU) Bank transfer.

  • - Service allows you to search for people in your community willing to sell bitcoins to you directly(WU, Cash, SEPA, Paypal and many others).
  • - Buy Bitcoins with Visa/Mastercard or Wire Transfer.
  • - Recommended for fast, simple service. Payment Methods: Western Union, Bank of America, Cash by FedEx, Moneygram, Money Order.
  • - Old and trusted Bitcoin dealer.
  • - BTC dealer, Visa/Mastercard and etc.

  • Couldn't find BTC in your location? Try searching these directories:
  • - An international directory of bitcoin exchanges.
  • - One more BTC dealer directory.
  • - An international directory of bitcoin exchanges.
  • - EU countries directory.

4. Send BTC to Bitcoin address:

5. Enter the Transaction ID and chose payment option:

 Note: Transaction ID - you can find in detailed info about transaction you made.
(example 44214efca56ef039386ddb929c40bf34f19a27c42f07f5cf3e2aa08114c4d1f2)

6. Please check the payment information and click "PAY".

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